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Jan 25, 2008
  1. Hey, right now I'm looking for a gaming mouse, and a good mouse pad. My price range is about $1-75 for the mouse, and I haven't really decided what my budget will be for the mouse pad. Any suggestions on what I should get? By the way, I will be using this mouse to play mostly first person shooters, and I would prefer a wired mouse over a wireless one.
  2. Harley2

    Harley2 TS Rookie


    I have a G7 which is the same as a G5 but wireless. I love it, it has 2interchangeable lithium ion batteries with nice dock that has usb port on it. I dont think they sell them anymore though and most gamers prefer corded mouse, so If I had a corded mouse I would go for the G5 100%. I have never read a bad review of it and it is a great 2000 dpi mouse with good software for settings and tons of customizable options. Go with that, you won't regret it. On logitech it says 99 bucks, I see it all the time for 65-80, it's worth it.,en
  3. Dilmog

    Dilmog TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 123

    Yeah, that's what I was probably gonna get anyway. Anybody have any suggestions as far as what mouse pad/surface I should get?
  4. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Gaming Mouse pad????? What next? A gaming Power button? It seems to me that all company's need to do is put the word 'gaming' in front of one of their products and people will buy it. What possible difference can a 'gaming' mouse and 'gaming' mouse pad make? Don't you think it has more to do with the skill of the player? Gaming keyboard I can understand, coz it has buttons dedicated for macros and stuff, but mouse pad? what the hell? LOL

    I play CS and other online games with my $5 woolworths mouse pad and my $50 microsoft optical mouse perfectly lol... that's hilarious
  5. Dilmog

    Dilmog TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 123

    Well, I am not just looking for a mousepad because it has the word "gaming" in front of it as you assumed, I am just looking for a mousepad which has a rather large surface over which to mouse, which is very helpful in FPS games, and just so happens to be referred to as a gaming mousepad by most companies who sell them.
  6. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Actually, they are the same size as a normal mouse pad. Just some are made of metal and are heavy, or have a smooth surface. It is not going to turn you into a pro, or make you any better than you are now.
  7. Dilmog

    Dilmog TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 123

    No.... Some are made bigger, and that's just what I would prefer, and I know that it's not going to make me pro or anything.
  8. aznn3rd

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    I use a promotional mouse pad, and I can still score headshots. I also use a cheap $5 mouse. If you really want to waste money on a quality mouse, get a RAZOR Copperhead or Diamondhead. I heard those are pretty good.
  9. M0R0NI

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    I would go with the G5! and a larger mouse pad that the normal one you usually see.
  10. Harley2

    Harley2 TS Rookie

    5 dollar mouse lol, ya whatever
  11. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    I know that there are a lot of happy wireless mouse users out there, but from my own personal experience with a Logitech cordless VX Revolution consistantly failing on me despite countless re-installations, I'd buy a corded mouse. They are very reliable and very responsive.

    My old mouse was 2.4Ghz wireless by the way
  12. Dilmog

    Dilmog TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 123

    Yeah, I went for the G5, and now I just need a large mousepad
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