New HD not up to scratch - xcopy?

By mclarko
Sep 3, 2006
  1. I recently purchased a 300Gb Maxtor Diamond 10 SATA HD for my new PC setup. It seemed pretty slow and HDTach software shows random acces times between 20-25ms and read speeds averaging 60Mb/s.

    HD running with a nVidia nForce 4 chipset on a GB K8F9 M/Brd w/ Athlon 64 3000 CPU, and I know that Maxtor have recently had problems with some of their HDs and the nVidia 4 chipset.

    Well, basically I wish now Id plumped for a Western Digital Raptor!! Reinstalling Windows and what seems to be an ever increasing amount of software to make things "just right" is sooooooo time consuming.

    Is it not possible to create an exact image of my maxtor drive and plonk it onto a new one? An exact mirror if you like. This sounds like RAID terminology which I dont know much about but maybe the answer lies there somewhere. I was hoping that MSDOS xcopy with a myriad of parameters would do it??? I mean the hardware setup is remaining static otherwise and ...well....what about SATA drivers..hmmm.


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    Why don't you try Norton Ghost, you can create a 1 to 1 mirror image
  3. mclarko

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    Thanks. UNfortunately I have not had great experiences with symantec products, but if Ghost really does the job then so be it. What else might I consider?

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