New music format ensures you'll never hear the same song twice

Shawn Knight

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I've amassed a sizable collection of MP3s over the past decade but despite my music player's best attempt to randomize the catalog, I found myself growing tired of hearing the same tunes over and over. It's one of the reasons...

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Another way to get us to buy our music, make it available as an app...

this could be very inconvenient would we need to have a new media player? Will it work with current media players? What about streaming options? But most importantly, why mess with the classics? If I want to hear a song, I want to hear THAT Song, not some shoddy on the fly remix


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It's a nice idea.

What happen when you really like one of the random song?
It's lost forever?
You can't never ear it again?


Nice idea and does add something a bit new. An extension would be surround sound music where the instruments are very slighly adjusted so that you get the impression of being in a different seat in an audience.

Don't think apps are the place for music though. I wouldn't download an "album app". It will always be the case that if it can be heard, it can be copied and there will be a non-app version that you can get hold of. You would always be looking for the optimal production version that the artist intended as well.

Would like something like this built into the next Blu-Ray standard for example and would want it as an option that can be turned off.

If you NEED this kind of thing in your music, I would suggest that maybe that music isn't very good or simply boring in the first place, or that you are just out for a monry grab.


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I like the familiarity of the songs I know well from loving and listening to many times. I don't think this is of much benefit, I thought it was going to be an advanced way of analysis of mp3s and random selection of tracks to play.


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Why not just fix the code to truly randomize the playlist?
"despite my music player?s best attempt to randomize the catalog, I found myself growing tired of hearing the same tunes over and over."

Randomization is not why this music format exists.


Hell, if I don't want to hear the same thing twice, I just go to a jazz concert. The best ones always improvise mid-playing. And they are the real thing, not some cr*p lossy mp3.


That's my point.
Changing the sound of the music does not randomize the playlist - which is what we really want!
I want to listen to my own music, not some computer-modified version of my music.


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Could be interesting to hear something by Beethoven or Gershwin or any other master of complex music remixed as no conductor ever intended. Intriguing.


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I think the problem here is no one especially myself understands what the modifications are about. It would help if we could hear a demo of some sort.