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New PC: no video on first boot

By willy4360
Jul 21, 2008
  1. Hello. This is a new PC I've built with the following components:

    Intel DP35DP motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad 6600
    4Gb Corsair memory
    Nvidia 8800 GT video card

    Two monitors (Dell e177fp and Dell e178fp -both set at 72hertz on Nvidia Control Panel) one connected to the card digital port (with an adapter to analog) and the other one connected to the card analog port. One of them connects to a D-Link Switch to be used with another PC. When the problem happens the other PC works fine with the monitor.

    Windows XP pro SP3

    The thing is that at first boot the monitors don't get any video, the hard disk works, but I can't see what's happening. I have to turn off the PC, then when I turn it back on the video comes on one of the monitors, when windows starts both monitors get video.

    If I restart everything works fine.

    Until now this only happens on the mornings on a fresh boot, I haven't tried turning it off and back on later on the afternoon.

    One note: I am having problems with this MOBO Bios. Hardware monitoring is not working (and intel monitoring software either - Intel Management Engine Interface can't start). I will try to update the Bios tonight and see what happens, by now the processor fan is at full speed because I can't control it using the Bios.

    I mention this because maybe the no video problem is caused by the bios.

    Any help will be apreciated.

  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Ok, let do this procedure.

    1. unplug your power, and put your jumper to clear bios and leave it there for a minute, and return the jumper to normal position.

    2. If #1 is not working, start off using only floppy drive, mobo and video card. < Hopefully this helps to boot your system up. If it does, loads optimized defaults or high performance defaults for now, and you should be able to update your bios from there.
  3. willy4360

    willy4360 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot! clearing the bios did the trick!

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