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Apr 11, 2009
  1. HI, i have disucssed this earlier but got no reply so i am tyring again.

    Me and my bro have a home wireless netowkr setup. We both use two laptops which are exactly the same models
    the problem is that while his wirless works fine, my wireless occasionally drops. This usually happens when a runnng program e..g msn or voip, freezes. when i close it, the internet is knocked off. In the device manager, my wirless adaptor is connected while doing a ping says the network card is not connected. To fix the problems i just thave to siwtch it off and on again..

    Note: this is a realtek 8187b wirless card and it only shows on the device manager when i switch it on.

    Now i took both these laptops to a friend's house. My laptop worked fine!!, but my bro's internet ddint even start!!! kept on connecting, then disconnecting
    etc....what is the damn issue!!!

    Laptop brand: e system (british brand)
    OS: Vista home premium 32 bit


    i unchecked QS packet schdeular, TCP/IP V6 and BOTH link topologies. Plus i changed the router setting from WPA to WEP

    Now the problem remains in my laptop but! now i can see my wireless card is connected when i do IPCONFIG in Command prompt, while previously it used to say its not connected.

    My wirelss icon says i can see all wireless around me,and i stay connected but the internet doesnt really work. the solution is to switch off and on my netowkr adaptar like previously and just like before i CANT ping.

    SO i can see it working in device manager and command promt
    but no ping and no browsing again. the problem still occurs usually when i am in an msn voice conversation or using a voip.

    P.S. Can this also be because i went in servies and changed the 'recovery' setting for DHCP client, to , restart service and restart every one min?

    coz i know when my internet drops, in event manager it shows that my internet couldnt connect o DHCp, thats why i changed this setting?

    Also the program i usually get trouble with voip and msn, stop responding suddenly when the interent drops:S

    note: usually not always, it ca sometimes drop even when doing nothing or when simple browising very rarely though
  2. Tmagic650

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    Are you using a wireless router?
  3. uch

    uch TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i am, i am using a netgear wireless router...note again that 'most' drops are when i am using voip or in an msn voice chat...especially at 5 in the morning....they drops r very frequent but like until 7-8 it egets better so i can voice chat for upto say 20-25 mins without a drop
  4. uch

    uch TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tonight i styaed up all night, using msn voice chat, everything was fine, but suddently around 11 in the mornig, the interent started to drop. every time i used yahoo voice , voip or msn, the internet dropped.
    i didnt even use these, and the internet disconnected every 2-5 mins. this went on for over 20 mins until i gave up. this time, the computer said no wireless adaptor is connected and i had to switch it on and off again to no avail. it would connnect and disconnect itelf.

    i shutdown the computer directly

    now it is 1 in the afternoon. and the internet is fine by itself again
  5. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    It has to be a problem with your ISP or Internet commection. Maybe faulty wireing or excessive traffic on your Internet node, or the router itself
  6. uch

    uch TS Rookie Topic Starter

    aaa, how do i check this? wherecan i find the internet node and what kind of settings do i need to tweak with regarding the router?

    note again: nothing happens to my bro's laptop on the same network
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