New Version of Blast Worm? Help Please.

By tkesinger
Jan 20, 2004
  1. Three weeks ago I purchased a new machine running Windows XP Home. About one week ago I started getting the "NT Authority/Service.....your system is shutting down in 30 seconds." I also notice that in my task manager processes, svchost.exe is there about 4 to 5 times and sometimes a svchost1.exe.

    Trying the Welchia and MBlast stuff did not work. I am unable to use programs correctly sometimes. My system is overheating, so much so that when my laptop is set on my lap, it is burning my leg. It only does this occassionaly. It wont let me run Norton or even update Windows. Everytime I open either it shuts it down.

    My boss, thinking he is a technician installed Windows XP Professional and took out my Home edition, but that did nothing. I thought about reformatting the hard drive, which is a pain because all of my work is on this computer. But even so, the recovery disk Toshiba provided is Windows 98. And I can't take it back to the store, because I am not in New York City anymore, but Stockholm, Sweden and they don't have Circuit City.

    Someone please help me. This is so annoying as you can imagine. It makes programs not work correctly, my toolbar switches to classic occasionaly. My Antivirus software wont run, and when I have got it to run, it says there is no virus. Oh I have a cable modem, but my roomate and Ishare it so we have a router. Now the computer lets me only hook up my USB because it says it can't find my ethernet card. It worked before he put Windows XP Pro on trying to fix the problem, but obviously it made things a bigger mess. Please help. Pleeeeeeeeeease.
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    Installing pro on top of home wont have gotten rid of the virus only a format and reinstall will get rid of it i'm afraid, a pain i know especially when you have data you need on it, but it's the only way to get rid of it fully, AV wont detect it if your definitions are not upto date, get your self a firewall zone alarm is a good one and it's free, and keep your AV definitions upto date.
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    Or you try Network Associates Stinger here .

    Good luck.
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