New xp inst and hard drive went raw on me!

By Niter1cbs
Oct 31, 2004
  1. :confused: Can't figure this out, maybe someone can? (PLEASE!!!) I reinstalled xp on my p4 system with two hard drives C(160gb) & D(80 gb). Burned all important info off the C and just left the D alone cause it wasnt gettin touched...right? Well now after booting up my fresh new os I cannot access my D drive any more, I can see the D drive in my computer but it doesnt show used or free space and when I try to access it it tells me that it is'nt formatted and if I would like to format it?(no way jose! All my mp3's are on that!) When I checked the properties of the D drive it shows no problem, working correctly, but it's coming up as raw file format? Whats up with this RAW? I know my data is sittin there I just cant see it, what am I to do??? :dead:
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