Newb Question Here about CPU Upgrade for GA-7dxe

By Johnald
Mar 24, 2005
  1. Hello everyone, I feel stupid asking such a simple question, but honestly I have tried many site's to no avail :X


    What is the maximum speed CPU processor my MOBO can hold? For example, it might be an AMD XP 2700. Basically I would like to know what the biggest AMD Athlon XP processor my MOBO can hold. The MOBO is a gigabyte board model number GA-7dXE. Even in the manual it doesnt say. Eeverywhere I look up the specs, it says it supports "500MHZ~2000MHZ and faster". I don't know how much "faster" and I would like to . Basically what is the biggest AMD Athlon XP CPU I could put in my mobo (ex: AMD XP 2900)?

    I don't know if these numbers help but I will post them anyway at some chance that they might. I found them on the order sheet :)

    AMD 761 / VIA 686B
    Socket A FSB 200/266 CPU

    SO yeah. I have seen the motherboard sold with Athlon XP 2700 processor on some websites I found from clicking your link to, but I would like to be 100% sure or maybe even just like 85%... Thank you for reading :)
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Since the fastest FSB for that board is 266 the highest Athlon you can use is an XP 2400. The XP 2700 needs a 333 bus.
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