Next-gen AMD APUs will have DDR5 support and Navi 2 graphics


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Ah, thanks for that. According to what I'm seeing, that's due to a threefold increase in renior sales over last quarter:

That's a pretty insane increase in sales.
Thanks for that link, I have missed those news.
It is sad, and somewhat infuriating: AMD has finally a good and competitive product in the mobile segment, and they can't make enough of it, and thus they may lose trust. Intel could get away with shortages and backlogs as when they occured, as there was no alternative at the time....with AMD in the same shoes, manufacturers can just switch back to Intel, making AMD to miss (and lose) out.
Eventually the ice will break (I hope), but this is just making it that much harder (AMD need to gain the trust of manufacturers, making them to believe that they can be relied on, and this obviuosly doesn't help).
I root for a quick solution, and hope that soon we will reach to a point where the choise of CPU will be subject of personal preference only.

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