NFS mostwanted problem on playing LAN. Host recives eroor "Connection lost".

By numan
Jan 3, 2006
  1. I have a problem with the game Need for speed Mostwanted. Whenever anybody on our network hosts the lan game (start new surver), after some time he recives error "Connection lost with the server". We also installed new patch v1.3 but having same problem. I noticed an other thing when the internet connection is on (Dialup internet connection), only that time i can host the game successesfuly and we play it but data trnsfers from lan connection. When the internet connection is off i cannot host the game same error appears. I read some where i have to add UDP port 9442. But i dont know how to add the port, i added it in the exceptions of connection firewall from button "Add port" but having same problem.

    One more thing. We set IP address of Lan conncetion manually (e.g. use the folowing ip address. If we want to set obtain ip address automatically the lan connection does not get a IP address and after some time it gives error "Fail to aquire a Ip address limited or no connectivity". And when we see our Ip address there is no Ip address in Lan connection . Plz tell me how can i set ip address automaticaly instead of setting it manulay. Plz help me in both matters.
  2. asheen

    asheen TS Rookie

    howzit people. this is my first post and i registered here just so that we could sort this problem out. i am also having the same problem with the "connection lost" error, but i have sorted it out before. its such a simple solution. problem is, i dont know how to get back to the place i changed that value from. the solution was found somewhere in google but i cant seem to locate that page now.

    guys the problem isnt game related. its gotta do with one value in the windows registry that you need to change from 0 to 1 and bam!, the thing works fine. all we need now is a computer guru who will be able to tell us how to get to this place. i can tell u its a windows setting that needs to be changed from 0 to 1. can someone help us or locate the previous page for us. thanks:)
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