"No Audio Device""No audio hardware is availiable"

By Tommer
Nov 13, 2007
  1. Ok... before you say its time to buy a new comp, it costed £2000 so yeah, dont :(

    Ok so basically, i run a dell dimension 5150, and after some nut named phlos gave me something that deleted part of my windows boot, i had to reinstall windows, and first thing i realised is that i had no audio, so i searched around, and i was told to install a plug and play enumerator so i did so, and i realised i now had 2 of them, then realising that everything inserted was showing the duplicate error after that point, i couldnt get rid of the plug and play so i went to the extreme and reinstalled windows AGAIN
    this time after having a fidl i discovered that if i tried to install my soundcard it no longer said it didnt exist and it worked yet i had no sound coming out of my speakers because they were plugged into intergrated (was saying before hand) however this is a basic one of the dell site and not the one that came with my package, and i found the disc and tried to install it, and halfway through ( it didnt say any errors) i got a blue screen of death displaying that it had something to do with "NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" or something like that so after rebooting it there was all these muff ups and errors and i no longer had working volume controls, so i reinstalled windows again (lol) this time i tried to install the basic and it didnt work so i am now well and truley lost, feel free to ask me questions, i just zoomed through this

    ps. i have 2 audio options on my pc, intergrated or soundcard, niether of the sets of plugs work
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    For the onboard, visit the dell website and get the latest driver from them.
    If you want to get the card working instead then google and get everest home edition and use that to identify it.

    Which ever you use, the other needs to be disabled in bios (for on board) or removed(for card).
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