No BIOS screen

By jwill87
Oct 21, 2009
  1. I went into BIOS and started making some ill-advised tweaks under video configuration and finally enabled some "PCI test." I can't really remeber the name of the test but i enabled it LOL. I saved the settings and computer automatically has a blank screen. I restart and the computer powers up, fans running, but no screen where it gives you the option of going into BIOS, its just a blank screen with a running computer. I tried resetting the CMOS by taking the motherboard battery our for about 30minutes...still nothing.

    The worst part is the fact I did this so I can improve my intel integrated graphics just so I can play counter-strike...and now the computer won't even start and I have all my schoolwork on there....****!!!!!!!!!!

    I also tried calling gateway, hands down the worst support I have ever called for any company. I know this is 100% my fault but it's safe to say I've learned my lesson.
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