No Boot-up

By UndeniablyRexer
Dec 8, 2008
  1. I built a computer from parts on Newegg, this will be my 7th or so. When I got the parts to my house and put them together, I realized that the mobo( wanted ATX 2x4 12V, but the PSU only had a single 2x2 12V.

    I looked through the mobo manual and I was pretty sure a single 2x2 12V would be fine, so I started it up. The only issue was that it would lag for about 5 seconds about once a minute. It happened while doing anything, but increased when gaming(WoW). Today, I go to turn it on and it is stuck at the loading screen for windows. After a few restarts, I let it sit with the PSU turned off. When I tried again it would not even get to the mobo splash.

    My guess is/was that the CPU was not getting enough power.
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