No display on pc and gpu fans are not running as ussual and mouse and keyboard are acting weird

Hi I have a ryzen build with ryzen 5 1600 and rx 570. I have two motherboards one msi’s and one gigabyte’s yesterday while testing my gigabyte motherboard (primary) my msi’s motherboard got burned. Now when I put everything on my gigabyte motherboard all the fans are running but no display is coming and my mouse is acting something weird it blinks a light for once and dies. I think its due to the psu because it burnt my msi mobo and its not giving enough power. Also my gpu fans are not running. Please help me out guyz.


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No one can help with stuff that you know has burned. We can offer comfort & sympathy because we have all had failed components.

The only thing you can do is cautiously seek replacement components and if you have identified bad components (Bad PSU?). Don't use it ! Let it go and replace it.