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By Thomas3087
Sep 14, 2010
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  1. Recently my computer refuses to go into screensaver mode. The screensaver does not come on after the preset time. Initially I was using an opengl screensaver but it ran my gfx card too hot so I chose a typical windows ss. This worked briefly and now it does not. Any tips?

    Intel i3 2.93GHZ Duo
    512MB DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 4750
    1TB 7200RPM HD
    4GB DDR3 ram
    Windows 7 32bit HP
  2. bobcat

    bobcat TechSpot Paladin Posts: 688   +67

    Some apps interfere with screensaver operation. Did you install or update something recently? Which apps are started when it happens? Bear in mind that some apps can start with Windows automatically without your intervention. It’s a good idea to disable apps from starting unnecessarily, irrespective of screen saver.

    However, screensavers were only of some value with old CRT screens that suffered the burn-in effect. Modern monitors don’t need them, at best, and in fact a screensaver will reduce the life of your monitor. So they are not a good idea. Better use your computer’s power saving mode to switch the display off. This way you prolong the life of the monitor and also save energy.
  3. kristin48616

    kristin48616 TS Rookie Posts: 25

    I have ever suffered the same question. I just want the window to go into the mode, but it didn’t work for a long while. What’s wrong with it? so I also want someone could make a good suggestion to help me.

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