NO sound at all.. HELP! :(:(

By eliminaterr
Oct 15, 2007
  1. alright.. im a noob when it comes 2 PC's but heres wat i done...

    my friend gave me a PC.. and the CPU was better than the one i had, so i decided 2 swap them about.. then decided to save hassle, i'l swap the Motherboard aswell (Foxconn 661FX4MR-ES) and also put a new gfx card in (nvida GeForce 7600GS).. so overall i changed the CPU, MB and GFX card.. i decided to do a fresh install of windows xp.. and done all the required drivers and updated for windows.. and i have no sound.. the sound worked on both PC's before i swaped em about.. and now, no sound at all.. i got all the right drivers, and they are all working fine.. but for some reason i have no sound.. the mic works but sound doesnt.. im using headphones.. and they work fine on other PC's just not on here.. everything is set up the way it should be, but no sound.. i reinstalled windows twice and still no sound!

    p.s] i dnt have the disk for the motherboard or anything, so had to download all drivers from the web.. but i think i got them all, and they are all the right ones..

    any ideas and suggestions to what i could do cos this so sound is really killin me lol.. thanks a bunch.. much appreciation.. . Eliminaterr

    p.p.s] yes, its on board sound im using.. i dnt have a sound card.. could buying a cheap oen resolve this problem?
  2. blim10

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  3. eliminaterr

    eliminaterr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks.. but that didnt work mate :( still no sound
  4. eliminaterr

    eliminaterr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also can i add.. when i play music.. it still plays.. i know the sound is working.. im just not hearing it.. i tried different headphones and speakers.. tried everyhole available 2 plug speakers into.. n i get nothing.. strange because it worked pefecitly before i put the MB in a dif case!:(
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