no taskbar after installing gforce2mx400

By didi37_99
Jul 31, 2005
  1. we had to reformat the comp. and when i tried to reinstall the video card i have no taskbar or start menu everything else seems to work ok
  2. NFiltrate_Z3R0

    NFiltrate_Z3R0 TS Rookie

    Same thing happened to me with my ATI X700. Just restart and everything should go normal. This may happen again when you first install the latest drivers but once again restart and it will come to normal.
  3. didi37_99

    didi37_99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    we have tried that several times and it still dons't work. weve also tried installing different drivers from Nvidia but when we did that most of the time we had blank screen and had to unstall the drivers we downloaded and renstall the old one on the Cd that came with the card.just to get it to work but then agian we still have the same problem with the taskbar and start menu.
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