No taskbar, internet only in safe mode

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Jun 6, 2008
  1. Ok, I have read a few of the post on here. None seem to address all of my problems.

    I have a Dell XPS 440, Windows XP sp3.

    If I allow my computer to login as normal. I have no task bar, and no internet. The system will see my NIC card, but won't even show me a network connection. I have run Anti-virus programs,Reg scan's,Spybot,AVG,..etc.etc. I did have some Vundo stuff, and that is now gone.

    It will not let me re-install Windows from a disk, cause it say I have a disk error? But i ran a seagate dos based scanner and did a compete test on my hard drive, no errors at all. btw if you need it my drive is a seagate SATA drive.

    If i log into safemode, everything works great, no problems as all. Internet, task bar, you name it works great.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try uninstalling SP3 and see if that makes a difference. There are no specs, but there are known conflicts.

    Go to the Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs> highlight, then uninstall SP#3 (KB936929). Reboot the computer and post back with results.

    If you got SP1, SP2 and the updates since, you don't need SP3.
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    when you are installing windows from the cd are you pressing F6 to load 3rd party drivers and do you have the drivers for your sata drive on a floppy disk?

    The thing about STAT drives and installing windows on them is you need special drivers for them. If your PC did not come with them, you can get them from your motherboard manufacturers website.

    After you have the correct SATA drivers for your motherboard on a floppy disk restart your pc and enter the bios. Change the first boot device to cdrom second hard drive and 3rd floppy.

    save and exit..your pc reboots then you see boot from cd...Press any key to boot from any key hehe (Looks around for the any key) =p

    The "Windows Setup" screen appears briefly Notice at the bottom of the screen it says "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver...". Since the hard drive in the computer is a SATA hard drive, press F6. Just press and release it as you would any keyboard entry. No need to hold it down or press it a bunch of times. What's kind of deceiving is that there's no positive feedback when you press F6. You might expect the screen to say "ok" or immediately move on to the next step since F6 was pressed and there's no point waiting anymore. But no, it just sits there for the full timeout before moving on. And when the install does continue, it appears to just carry on normally as if you had not pressed the F6 key. But after a minute or so, something different does happen.

    Windows prompts you for the mass storage adapter, which is the driver for the SATA hard drive. Press the "s" key to "Specify Additional Device". Lower-case "s" is fine.

    Windows XP setup prompts for the SATA hard drive driver, the "hardware support disk" so to speak. Insert the SATA RAID driver floppy you made into the floppy drive and hit the "Enter" key.

    Windows XP setup accesses the floppy drive and comes back with this list of "SCSI Adapters". It's confusing that Windows XP is referring to "SCSI Adapters" when what's really being dealt with here is the driver for the SATA hard drive. SCSI is even a parallel interface. Both of the listed adapters need to be loaded, but scroll down to select the "Storage Controller" one first. Press the "Enter" key. Windows XP setup accesses the floppy drive and loads the driver.

    And Windows XP Setup prompts again for the mass storage adapter. Again press the "s" key to "Specify Additional Device". Windows XP Setup prompts again to have the floppy disk inserted that contains the SATA hard drive driver. It should still be in the floppy drive, so just press the "Enter" key.

    This time leave the selection on the "RAID CLASS DRIVER" one. This driver should be loaded even if your computer is not going to be used with RAID. Press the "Enter" key. Windows XP setup accesses the floppy drive and loads the driver.

    Once more back again at the Windows XP setup prompt for the mass storage adapter. This time hit the "Enter" key to have Windows XP Setup continue. Leave the SATA RAID Driver floppy disk in the floppy drive. Windows XP Setup accesses it again later during the setup.

    Then continue with setup normally
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    I was forced to just reinstall xp on a reformat. Everything is working except now my pci buss and audio will not load. Windows say it cannot find the driver for my multimedia controller and simple pci in the sytem.

    Any ideas, i have looked everywhere for a driver.
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    if this is a brand computer go to the site and download the multimedia controller for that model if it is not download unknowndevice from below check the maker or model (if it is there sometimes it is not) and download the driver doing a google search.
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