No video,No Keyboard,No mouse,Yet drives spin up fans kick on,

By bl3wbyyou
Jan 13, 2011
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  1. Hey gang,

    1st time poster and i hope that someone here can point me in the right direction...

    Anyway this is my 1st build and from the 1st time i went to boot this thing its been doing this and i have been reading around on other forums to come to the conclusion that i was sold a faulty power supply. (Ultra 650Watt)

    (Specs are in my profile thingy)

    Here's what it does.

    1.I can hear and feel the Sata drive booting and spinning up as well as my other ribbon cable hdd.
    2.No power to my dvd drive (yet i get power to my hdd on the same cable)
    3.Fans kick on instantly.
    4.This is a really odd one.The computer won't boot or start if the video cable is attached to the mobo output or to the video card (i have tired this with and without the card)
    5.If i turn off/on the psu i can clearly hear the capacitors recharge then discharge instantly.And from my old computer i know this is not normal as capacitors take a few seconds to drain not instantly like this.
    6.Also the psu has had a lovely burned electrical oder since i took it out of the box.
    7.No keyboard or mouse or video output (on either the video card or off the D-plug)

    I'm thinking the psu is at fault and has been at fault due to these problems.I'm pretty sure the mobo is safe as its booting the drives and i can hear them being booted and the fans kick on and so fourth.

    I'm going back to compusa tomorrow and raging some hell with them for selling me a faulty psu.

  2. bl3wbyyou

    bl3wbyyou TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i got a new psu from compusa as they tested the other one being bad.

    Installed it...

    Same damn problem -_-.

    Im sick of this **** and im taking it into a professional shop..

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