Noctua introduces Chromax line in six colors other than brown

Greg S

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Perhaps one of the most long-awaited products has finally arrived for enthusiasts. Noctua coolers now have the option for black 120mm and 140mm fans with colored interchangeable anti-vibration pads. The chromax line offers red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white pads for fans as well as colored cabling in straight and Y-configurations for three and four pin PWM fans. Heatsink covers are also available for the NH-U12S and NH-D15S coolers in black, white, or customizable color configurations.

Noctua has finally recognized that many enthusiasts are just as concerned with looks as they are raw performance. "With the new chromax line fans, cables and heatsink covers, we now offer a range of products that’s ideal for those who care about looks just as much as about quality and performance," said Noctua CEO Roland Mossig.

All new fans come with the same SS02 bearing used in Noctua's other premium offerings with 150,000 hours mean time to failure. Suggested pricing for the new fans are shown below.

Chromax heatsink covers snap on without any need to remove your cooler. Each are made from aluminum with a powder coat finish that has swappable colored inserts. These are purely an aesthetics item that can add an even more premium look to an enthusiast build. Priced at $19.90 for NH-U12S series and $29.90 for the larger NH-D15S sized cover, Noctua is targeting a niche market for non-functional parts that add even more height to already tall coolers.

One interesting choice from Noctua is that there is no mention of any plans for RGB lighting, or any lighting for that matter. Noctua has chosen to stick with tried and true technology for their fans by keeping them simple and functional.

The entire chromax line is available beginning today, though actual availability varies by region. See the full product descriptions and pricing for all chromax line products on

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Finally! I'm one of those who care how their PC looks aesthetically so I will definitely be buying a few of the black fans.

Their fans are amazing but the brown is just plain ugly. Glad they finally decided to change it up


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I'm glad they get rid of that colorblind employee who insisted that brown/cream color will look good in PCs.


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This to me is about as bad as obsessing over the color inside the tires of their vehicle.
Honestly, with noctua, it wasnt so much that the fans werent pretty, its that they were beyond ugly. Like, attention-drawing ugly. Its like having a Ferrari with wood paneling on the sides.
But they are among the best case fans, so being able to have case fans that are very good and also not eye-melting ugly is something people have wanted from noctua for a while, even for people who dont care too much about asthetics.


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Fans are cool til you end up with a pantload of them in the closet

I'm intrigued by this pant load concept, have you started filling old pant legs with case fans? It actually makes perfect sense, you could stack them up the pant legs in a nice organized manner and hang them up.

Much more interesting than these Noctua fans, had they done this say, I don't know, 10 years ago, their products would be loved the world over. But to finally make them black with little accents, too little too late, the high end air cooler market has exploded with competition.


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Wait! No brown? Awwwww.....

Seriously though the black NF-A14 & NF-SA12 aren't available in FLX & ULN versions, only in PWM. Not ideal as a case fan. Noctua cooler owners on the other hand should enjoy this, except for the NH-U14S & U9s owners.

Ultimately I have to thank the PC community for pressuring Noctua and turning them into another kiddy tech company.