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Aug 29, 2006
  1. I am posting for the first time on this site and would like to know if anyone has had the problem with Norton interfering with browsers. So for the interference that I have established is limited to the yahoo browser, esp in email. I also have been unable to download the msn messenger system. I can disable the norton antivirus and access the email in yahoo. I have turned off the firewall in windows so that I don't have double firewalls. I sent my puter to a repairshop due to other issues but when I received this loaner it appears to me that I have several of the same issues with this one and between my ISP and Compaq and speaking with Norton who couldn't help me I have narrowed it down to Norton. I used to have the Stopzilla program which worked great but when I bought a new puter the program did not transfer. Should I eliminate norton and buy stopzilla again or is there a simple way to correct this problem. Norton did have me change a few things but they were ineffective.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    First download Zone Alarm Firewall and AVG anti-virus.

    Then go HERE and fully uninstall Norton Crap/Bloatware.

    Then disconnect from the Net,and install ZA and AVG.

    Also,use Firefox or Opera instead of IE.

    Your computer will run faster.Your life will improve.
  3. sassykellie

    sassykellie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So I need to download and save ZA and AG then uninstall Norton Crap then restart puter and install the ZA and AVG I saved? Just want to make sure I am getting the steps correct. You mentioned Firefox or Opera. Do I uninstall internet explorer then download one of these? Thanks for your help.
  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    You have the steps in the right order.The important thing is that you should

    not be connected to the Internet for any time,without a Firewall.

    No you don`t have to uninstall IE.You can`t even if you wanted to.

    Just install Firefox or Opera.They will ask you if you want them to be your "default browser",click yes.

    Just use IE for Windows updates and certain sites that require only IE.
  5. jobeard

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    first, AV is not the same as any firewall; they have different jobs.
    NAV (or any other vendor's product) should be scanning your email for known
    virus'. Depending upon your email client
    (recommend Thunderbird from the same site you fetch Firefox :),
    you may have different exposures and concerns;
    Outlook and Outlook Express enable all the ActiveX and Scripting junk that
    causes IE to be a problem in the first place -- so don't use OL or OE :)
    If you're fond of Yahoo or Hotmail email, then you've already solved this --
    your email client is your default browser -- so just use a good one.

    second, any firewall(FW) can get you into a state where 'nothing works the way you want it to'.
    The primary object of a FW is to protect you from direct attacks
    from the Internet, by controlling what goes inbound to your system.
    (a router with NAT support also gives you this 'feature').

    If you attempt to go beyond inbound control (eg controlling which programs
    have access to the Internet so as to stop keyloggers from 'phoning home')
    then if not done carefully, you can see 'interferance' from your FW.

    There are lots of personal preferences in this area so you'll get various
    recommendation; you're going to need to understand the choices.

    *IF* you have a router, then the simple, no cost solution that is sufficient
    for *most* people is the Freebe Windows FW + your router + any AV
    to scan your email. Moving to a better fw will require you to do some
    homework to configure it correctly.
  6. KirklandKon

    KirklandKon TS Rookie

    I agree with you, 100%. AntiVir works as great virus protection as well. Too many holes in IE, so good idea to use FireFox instead. I have had very minor problems with Zonelabs firewall as well. Good choices! PS, I hate all Norton products. They grab your system by the balls and its hard to get them to let go sometimes. They kill your resources, I just hate there software.
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