nortons(Symantec) programs still running

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Aug 1, 2007
  1. hello people,

    right, when I 1st bought my computer, it came with a 2 month nortons trial or something. as you probably know, nortons sucks, detected nothing, and let viruses flow into my pc. so after it expired, i bought McAfee, which kinda half sorted it out, but i still have loads of viruses and stuff. So i wanted to deleted nortons, and well you know AV's are protected from being deleted, so i still have annoying programs like ISSVC.exe , ccSetMgr.exe and LuCallBackproxy.exe. That keep running on my system, when lu call proxy runs on my system, it completely ruins it. i really need to stop this, its killing my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. id be grateful for some gd advice on this one. ty.
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    What I do is go into MSCONFIG and deselect/disable them from the startup list. I then use MSCONFIG Cleanup Utility to remove them permanently.

    If you're not familiar with MSCONFIG, here's how you launch it:

    Start -> Run -> msconfig -> startup

    You can get the MSCONFIG Cleanup Utility here

    As for completely removing Symantec Norton, I'd double check the Add/Remove Programs and see if there is an uninstall program for all of Symantec (there usually is) it' gets confusing depending on which Symantec product you buy what the uninstall program name is.
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    Add/Remove is ineffective for Norton, as this site has documented and has
    cause Symantec to wirte the Remove Utility!

    MSCONFIG is not an end-all solution to every problem :(
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    also use a program like crap cleaner to remove bloatware.
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    I suggest you follow what jobeard links to. As Jobeard says, telling programs not to autostart in msconfig does not get rid of the program, only stops it from loading with the OS, and using any 3rd party removing tool generally is not as effective as a third party tool.
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    I tried for a year to remove all of the unwanted NIS entries put on by Dell. No matter how many files and folders I uninstalled or deleted, it was still there. I came across the following and finally managed to remove ALL the entries. Of course, first you must be sure that none of the Norton/Symantec processes are running on the startup menu in msconfig. There are also several Services that can be disabled.

    You will have done some of this, but pick up where you left off. I did not have to go through the 'lockout' section:
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