NV30 won't be massively produced?

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According to some sources, NVIDIA won't produce more than a hundred thousand NV30 chips, says The Inquirer. Very interesting news (if they happen to be true) that reflect NVIDIA uncomfortable position against the competition.

We know that ATI will have a somewhat revamped line of Radeons about a month or two after the FXs arrive. Now, this would be a smart move by NVIDIA in order to get back the market leadership as soon as possible by putting all their efforts on the not so distant NV3x chips instead of trying to play catch-up.

According to the rumour, posted at x-3DFX, Nvidia is canning the GeForce FX and has told its foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC), to stop when 100,000 NV30 are produced.

The same posting claimed that Nvidia will now concentrate on NV31, NV34, and NV35 and want to ensure that it doesn't get caught short by any cunning plans ATI may or may not have.

As a side note, while I have nothing against the Inq, they happen to be writing too many "ATI rocks" articles as of late, just hope this has got nothing to do with the advertisement they sell.
As I recall Nvidia's own spokes people stated more than a month ago that Nvidia intended to have 100,000 FX cards for purchase by may. obviously Nvidia is capable of producing more than 100,000 cards in that time frame. I had alway thought that the FX Ultra would be a limited addition card manufactured for the sole purpose of getting the performance crown back from ATI. I did expect that there would be a general issue of NON "Ultra" Fx cards though.
Look at the original source for this. I mean really...a 3DFX discussion board. How this could even be considered a reliable source I don't know.
Guys it wasn't the inquirer this time it was some guy on 3dfx that started this saying he saw it on nvidias own site well ive looked and i can't see it but saying that i think it would be the best move for nvidia
Maybe they have been posting a lot of 'ATI rocks' news articles.. this is of course because ATI do indeed 'rock'.
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