Nvidia RTX 4070 Geekbench listing confirms 5,888 CUDA cores and 12GB memory


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Forward-looking: Nvidia launched the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 last September, followed by the RTX 4070 Ti earlier this year. The company is now expected to launch the more affordable cards in the Ada Lovelace lineup in the coming months, starting with the RTX 4070 next week, followed by the RTX 4060 Ti and the RTX 4050 later this year.

The Nvidia RTX 4070 has surfaced on Geekbench, confirming some of its key specifications. The listing, which was spotted by prolific tipster @BenchLeaks, reveals that the benchmarked card was part of a system powered by the Intel Core i9-13900K CPU with an ASRock Z790 Taichi Carrara motherboard, and running Windows 11 Pro.

The listing confirms 46 Streaming Multiprocessors, which translates to 5,888 CUDA cores at 128 cores per SM. The card also seemingly has 12GB of 21 Gbps (10.5GHz) memory, presumably of the GDDR6X variety. If the listed specs turn out to be accurate, it would make the RTX 4070 similar to the RTX 4070 Ti, which also has 12GB of 21Gbps GDDR6X VRAM.

In terms of the benchmark results, the RTX 4070 notched up 202,437 points in Geekbench CUDA test and 177,594 in OpenCL, which are around 25-30% higher than scores racked up by the RTX 3070. However, synthetic benchmarks rarely offer a true insight into real-world performance, meaning it still remains to be seen how much faster the new card will be, compared to its predecessor.

Another thing worth noting here is that the tests were performed with the older Geekbench 5 rather than Geekbench 6, which is yet another reason that the scores need to be taken with a pinch of salt for now. Hopefully, we will get the real-world performance benchmarks soon, which should help us better compare the card with similar offerings from AMD.

The Geekbench listing did not reveal any further details about the RTX 4070, but we do know that it is expected to launch on April 13 at $599. If the rumored pricing holds up, that would make it $200 cheaper than the $799 4070 Ti.

Following the launch of the RTX 4070 this month, Nvidia is expected to release the RTX 4060 Ti and the RTX 4050 later this year. According to a recent leak, the former could debut by the end of May, while the latter might drop in June.

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