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By Gadget123
May 22, 2004
  1. I like the software and user interface of the OEM software of my MB (NVidia Sound Storm) and Video card (NVidia Personal Cinema), but can't figure out how to purchase the full versions from NVidia. I e-mailed them last week, but haven't heard from them. Personal Cinema has an upgrade minue where you can fill out perchase info but doesn't tell the price of the software. I am not going to give my CC info before I know how much.

    Anyone know how to ugrade these two applications or purchase the full versions? As you can imagine, some of the "tweaks" aren't allowable in the OEM versions, such as fine tuning cable channels. Also, the Sound Storm software "output meter" is displayed, but doesn't show variations in volume and changing the speaker setting IE "Hall", Jazz" etc doesn't seem to work.

    NVidia has software called "Forceware" which looks like it replaces the "Personal Cinema" IE an interface for TV, DVD, Pictures, Burning, Music etc. But I don't want to buy it unless I am sure and in one section of their site, it doesn't even look like it's available yet. NVidia could certainly improve their customer support.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes..the Forceware Multimedia software is what I was referring to.

    Is anyone aware of the cost of the present upgrade of the Personal Cinema? I may just fill out the form with my CC info to see if the next page tells the cost before finalizing the sale.

    Also, Anyone know about upgrading to the full verson of NVidia "Sound Storm"?

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