Odd question, old socket 8/5 motherboard

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Oct 10, 2002
  1. I've been looking mainly on ebay and actually managed to get a dual socket 8 and a dual socket 5 motherboard. I have questions about both.

    Namely on the socket 8, does anyone know where I might possibly start looking for a quad socket 8 motherboard? I know they existed, and I know all ppros could be put at least up to 4 at a time with each other. I have 17 pentium pros lying around, and they are currently the only cpu type I have that I cannot find a decent board for.

    On the socket 5 motherboard: This thing is massive. By massive I mean huge. By huge i mean it will not fit in a full ATX tower case. It has integrated LAN, integrated video, integrated IDE and SCSI, as well as 8 memory modules.

    I have no idea if this thing is functional. Why? Because I cannot supply it with power. It has what LOOKS like an ATX power connector, however it has extra pins on the end. An ATX power supply lead FITS into it, but leaves 4 pins open. Obviously that isn't going to work. Does anyone know what type of power supply might fit into this board?
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    Is the socket 5 board out of a proprietary PC i.e. Compaq/IBM/Ast/Dell etc? if so then they probably use their own power supplies and custom cases.

    And LOL how did you end up with 17 pentium pros? and which pros are they - are they the 200Mhz 512ks ?
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    hahaaaaaaa wow
    that is awsome id like to take on a project like that just for fun to show off to my buddys haha
  5. Justin

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  6. Justin

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    Most are 200/256k

    I have a matching pair 150mhz/256k cache, a matching pair 200mhz/256k cache, then the rest are 200mhz/256k cache, and one 200mhz/512k cache

    How did I end up with them?

    Good question.
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    How about a good answer to go along with it? :p
  8. Justin

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    The answer: Very carefully.

    I just buy whatever I can for cheap, found many good deals on ppros recently, so I nabbed them up.
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