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By Jameson653 ยท 35 replies
Aug 31, 2003
  1. please, help me somebody!!! I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2000 on my Windows XP and am having difficulties. It will get halfway through the installation when it will say "Error ##### Office1 Cabinet File is corrupted...." I have tried changing my msconfig to Microsoft's specifications, I have tried copying and pasting the entire CD contents to a C:\Flatfile folder. I don't know what to do, Please, HELP!!!
  2. XtR-X

    XtR-X TS Rookie Posts: 863

    Maybe because the file on the CD is corrupted. Bad copy(?).
  3. Jameson653

    Jameson653 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    I can't be a bad copy, it installed perfectly on my sister's computer, is that OK that i am trying to put it on both computers?
  4. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    Maybe your cdrom drive is not good at reading that cd. Try running the install from your hard drive, after copying the contents over using a 'good' cdrom drive (borrow your sister's if you have to). Also, check the CD is clean and undamaged.
  5. Jameson653

    Jameson653 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    It is possible that maybe I forgot about some type of file when I copied the disk to my hard drive, or maybe I edited my msconfig incorrectly, or should I try safe mode? pleaes, somebody try to help me, list ANY DETAILS they think could help, I'm about ready to kill my computer!!!
  6. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    This is a known issue with Office XP that was fixed awhile back with newer version of Office XP. I don't have an explanation for it, as Microsoft's never seemed to fix the problem.

    Here's how I get around it - Copy ALL of the files from the CD to your hard disk into a single folder. Then install them from your hard drive.

    You should have no problems if you do this, unless your disc is corrupted.
  7. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    When copying files, make sure that explorer folder options is set to 'show hidden files and folders', otherwise you may not have copied ALL the files. The error message in your post would indicate damaged files, rather than missing files, so I'm not sure this will make any difference.
  8. Jameson653

    Jameson653 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    I have already tried putting everything into a C:\ and D:\ folder. It doesn't work, please, any more ideas?
  9. XtR-X

    XtR-X TS Rookie Posts: 863

    Yes. Exactly. You don't want to miss some .dlls or system files now.

    My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View

    then click the radio button in the category: Hidden files and folders, "Show hidden files and folders"
  10. Jameson653

    Jameson653 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Sorry, to get you'll all worked up like this but I took the CD over to my friend's computer and it didn't run, it faulted just like it did on mine. Looks like my sister scratched it and ruined it, AWESOME... WEll she can buy me a new one... Thanks for all the help you'll gave me, i will continue to come to TechSpot and give all the advice away that I know.
  11. XtR-X

    XtR-X TS Rookie Posts: 863

    Yeah, then that must explain it all. File(s) were corrupted.
  12. Ozrik

    Ozrik TS Rookie

    This is interesting as I had exactly the same problem. Just installed Win XP pro as a rebuild and I just can't get Office XP to load Keep getting 'Error 1335' and '' corruption issues.

    However, I've tried two different copies of office xp and also tried to install my old office 2k and still the same error. Also strangely, when I try to copy the CD contents to the hard drive (after showing all hidden files) the computer restarts itself for no reason


    Can PC's get possessed???

    Any further advice on this issues would be much appreciated. Before I tried the last time I made sure to install all the windows update critical/service packs first as well.
  13. XtR-X

    XtR-X TS Rookie Posts: 863

    That's very strange. I don't know what to say about it. Just that maybe you should check out Microsoft's knowledge base.
  14. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    Have you tried disabling any virus scanners prior to installing?
  15. Ozrik

    Ozrik TS Rookie

    Thanks guys.
    In the end it was a simple solution, I used a different drive and it all loaded fine, the original drive must not have read the disk correctly!

    It wasn't something I would have thought to try to be honest, I certainly tend towards thinking these things are software issues and not hardware.

    This is a very good forum though, I shall return often. Especially when I break my PC again:grinthumb
  16. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    And we would love to help you again, and again, and again :) j/k

    Good to hear you got your problem solved though.
  17. scatterjim

    scatterjim TS Rookie

    Thanks very much for your help Ozrik. I changed drives and the installation worked.
  18. DarkSoul

    DarkSoul TS Rookie

    Same problem.

    I'm having the same issue, but I'm not using a CD and I'm running Windows 98 Second edition.

    Attached Files:

  19. dsgnz

    dsgnz TS Rookie

    same problem

    Just updated one of our comps to XP and went to install the office XP and got the same problem. Got about halfway done then got error. I tried copying files to the hard drive and same thing I even transferred the files from CD-ROM on other comp thru the LAN to said comp and same problem. I have two different Office XP installation CDs and gotthe same problem with both of them in every situation I tried.

    I did some searching and found that microsoft knows of the problem and they had a few workarounds listed here

    Microsoft solution

    Yet after trying them all I still got the same problem. Both of these CDs had and have no problem installing on other machines. Any ideas? :confused:
  20. Xmuriy

    Xmuriy TS Rookie

    On my machine (WINXP) I have 2 CD Rom's drives and experienced the same problem with one of them. The best thing which worked for me was just to try another CD drive. So I think it's the hardware problem but in collaboration with some software bug in Windows XP, because a couple of month ago I installed Office from the cd rom drive (those that a get error with now) also on clean Xp and everything worked fine.
  21. zinga20

    zinga20 TS Rookie

    Help me!

    Hi all... a newbie here so go easy on me lol

    I lent my CD to my brother and he promptly ruined it! Not a problem I thought, because I copied all the files to my hard drive (and zipped them for more space - BIG mistake).

    Now like the rest of you I get the is corrupt message, I cannot even unzip it or repair it. I can manage to unzip the rest of the files, but that only lets me install Excell, Word and Outlook.

    I thought maybe trying to update via the net would help, but alas you need the office1.dat file to download SP3!

    A am about to go insane here guys, please help me!

    Can't I just get a copied file??

    Thanks in advance.
  22. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    If it is a valid license, you can simply contact Microsoft & ask for a new CD to be sent to you ( shipping will prolly cost more then the CD ).

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
  23. zinga20

    zinga20 TS Rookie

    Thanks Didou.

    I could do that, but not only would I have to pay for a program I've already bought, but it would take forever for it to arrive.

    I am pretty annoyed with Microsoft right now, it's the principle of the situation. I have done everything right but cannot use Office the way I should be able to.
    Microsoft have given so-called workarounds (none of which work for me, or anyone else after reading this thread), but cannot provide a simple patch or file for download to fix the problem?
  24. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    I think he meant just getting replacement media.
    If you own a license already you should only have to pay a small fee for a replacement disk, not actually buying the software license again.
  25. zinga20

    zinga20 TS Rookie

    Yeah, I get what he is saying, but even if I get a new CD will it make a difference? I have all the files on my hard drive as Microsoft recommends and just as many people are having problems with a CD anyway...
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