ok now what???

By deseraligears
Sep 26, 2007
  1. well came in this am and had a notice from comodo that the syestem used to
    allow an administator to come on computer was trying to start up internest explorer question allow opr discble I think at first I said allow and the second time disable. Now at the bottom of screen reight side i had a icon notice that
    said i was unable to connect to server so I tried to retry and nothing !

    I removed Norton and downloaded AVG and Comodo, and ccleaner .
    I used adadwre this am i am pretty sure.

    so first question how to I get connected back to the server(company) and secondly if not do I have a sloution?

    Did I remove a program when cleaning ? I cannot get on the server I get the no coonection notice. I than tried Internet wizard connect no go but it was asking me about the modem .

    Can I reconstruct befor ethe add ons? Do I put the Symanaec back on and remove the Avg and CCcleaner and comodo? I am at a qaundry.

    It would seem it is not to bad as I get a full screen and all icons.

    I hope i am on the right forum and promise not to say I told you so.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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