Optimizing XP for Everquest II

By rreynolds63
Nov 23, 2004
  1. I just set up fresh install of XP. There is nothing there but the OS. Can anyone let me know of ways I could configure this so that it runs as efficiently as possible?


  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    You can download the Windows XP PowerToys located in Microsoft Website

    If you must get lot of efficently from your OS, get a copy of Norton SystemWorks 2004 Pro or later. They include a very reliable and very efficent disk defragmenter (Speed Disk) and (Disk Optimizer)
  3. EvilFallenAngel

    EvilFallenAngel TS Rookie

    go to blackviper.com the guy was on tech tv a coupld months ago and he knows what hes doing, I just followed his suggestions, choose what I needed on and off and my system speed up a good deal.


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