OS Install problem on an IC Power laptop

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May 7, 2010
  1. hello im having problems with the os on a IC Power laptop. Problem includes corrupted or partialy installed Windows XP. PC will not boot to the GUI, and does not recognize any forms of xp when trying a reinstall. i have tried using XP Pro disk and XP removable media device to boot from but neither are recognized by the pc. Since i can not get into the GUI or the XP boot i can't reinstall the OS. can anyone help?
  2. wii-ste

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    When you say you cannot get into the GUI, what exactly does happen at startup?

    Does anything show on the screen? Does the PC just hang?
  3. thomasbeherns

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    windows logo loading screen appears when trying to boot from hard drive but then the error message appears stating "The system is not fully installed. Please run setup again" then pc restarts and goes to post and repeats process.
  4. wii-ste

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    When you say that you have tried the XP disk and removable device, do you mean that it says the disk(s) are invalid or that it skips them and boots from the hard disk?

    If it skips them, you may need to change the boot order in your BIOS.
  5. thomasbeherns

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    i have changed the boot order to run cd/dvd first and removable media second. it skips these devices as if it can't read the media and loads from the hard disk. but the media is a known and working XP Pro, it has been used to install on multiple computers.

    i might have to escalate this on Monday but thank you for trying to help ill keep checking to see if anyone can come up with a result to this problem.
  6. thomasbeherns

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    This issue was the result of a hardware problem on the motherboard. The BIOS was unable to detect a boot device because of a burned out chip on the motherboard.

    Permanent solution was to replace the Laptop to save cost.
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