Page fault in a non page area, need help

By Freemont7
May 21, 2009
  1. Hi, I'm new here and looking for help with my computer. It is a IBM ThinkCentre that shuts down, giving me a blue screen that says "page fault in a nonpage area". It often shuts down if I go access my computer, open anything on my desktop or basically do anything other than open a program by using a direct shortcut on the desktop. If I try to open even a folder on the desktop, it restarts.

    The chance of it shutting down while I am looking at files on the hard drive seems to increase nearly exponentially the longer the computer is on, right when i start it up I can generally do anything for about 10 minutes before it may shut down but if it is on for a few hours it will generally shut down if I do anything besides open a program using a desktop shortcut. I can open a game, such as warcraft III and play for hours without it shutting down. I can restart in safe mode and access files, delete files, etc without it shutting down. The Error message when it shuts down is always the same. I have seen other posts with the same error message but different explanations given for the problem.

    I am not sure what information is required to help diagnose the problem, such as the files relating to the error, system information, etc. Where can I find information related to the error? Does the computer create a log of the error or do I have to do something to create this log when the error occurs? What other information should I give regarding the problem? I'll be checking this post frequently so I can give more information and find out what is wrong.

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