PC crashes when playing games

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heres the problem..

my pc keeps crashing when playing games
it crashes after about 5 mins but sometimes can go around 2 hours or so. It doesnt matter what game I play. It only crashes when playing a game.

Ive checked for overheating cleaned out the case and the temp doesnt get much more than 50 on the GPU and CPU and the motherboard temp is around 40 degrees.

I have done a clean install of windows and it hasnt made a difference.

anyone got any ideas as to what may be the problem?


nvidea 9800gt
intel q6600 processor
8gb ram
windows 7 ultimate 64bit (the problem is the same on vista home 32bit)
750w PSU
ASROCK n7ad-sli


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ok do this, clcik on start button and right click on computer and go to properties. on the new windows on the top left you will see advanced system settings click that and a new windows opens, click the settings button under startup and recovery. now uncheck auto restart, the next time you have a blue screen of death write down any info you think can help
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ok will post back tomorrow. I have a feeling it may be a power issue? is there a way i can test this without a new psu? and if its not the power that would only leave the card itself that could be faulty right?
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