PC not turning on

By shadycharacter
Dec 23, 2008
  1. ok...so my girlfriend's computer, she has two. one is hers and the other is her moms. hers wouldnt turn on, turned out to be a bad psu. her mom's wont turn on, i think it may just be the power button. because it sticks, and just doesn't seem to work the way it should. but i asked if she ever spilled any liquids in there, and she said that her dog once pee'd on it...so yea, after washing my hands, i figured that would be the problem, but just in case, do you think any other thing would contribute to the power not working? everything is hooked up to the motherboard correctly, and the psu i believe is working normal. either way, i replaced the psu with the one from my computer, that i know works, and it still didn't work.
  2. filimarcus

    filimarcus TS Rookie Posts: 29

    also try a new cmos battery
  3. shadycharacter

    shadycharacter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i will try that tnoight
  4. rev_olie

    rev_olie TS Guru Posts: 560

    Have you tried shorting the power switch pins to create a temporary switch to check

    Follow the power switch to your mobo it will be a set of pins like this:

    Short the 2 power button pins with some wire of a screw driver. If it turns on its a bad switch. If not its something else
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