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Nov 30, 2008
  1. My pc always powering off after i started the windows, My processor is Intel P4 2.8 Ghz, motherboard is Asus P4s800, ram is 512mb. Hardisk is Maxtor 80gb. Last 2 weeks, i bought a new hardisk Seagate 160GB and Ram Kingston 1GB DDR400. It runs smoothly fine, but something just happend, my pc is powering off, the power led light is on but the pc is off. I thought of some updates installed, I restored it to earlier date, It seems ok, but here again the problem. Is there a problem on replacing my ram from 512mb to 1GB, it does affect my processor?

    Somebody please help? Thanks in advance
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  3. riibanez1964

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    Thank you so much for your immediate reply.

    How can I reset the CMOS?
    The safe mode was not successful the pc will turn off
    I already using the original 512mb ram
    I even can't test the harddrive due to powering off
    Also how can I test the power supply, should i check all the voltage on each pins? I know that the power supply will on on the reset button switch from the motherboard.

    Again, will appreciate for additional answer on my queries...
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    The reset CMOS via motherboard jumper was discussed in the guide
    But when first turning on the computer, you should see a prompt like "press DEL to enter Setup" (or similar message)
    Press that key, and locate setup "Defaults"
    Enable it, then Save and Exit (usually F10 key, to do this)

    Safe mode unsuccessful leans towards a hardware fault (like Ram)

    I wanted you to try removing the new 1Gig and testing with the original 512Meg
    But I've got a better idea, remove the 512Meg, and leave the 1Gig in the first Dimm slot. Sometimes different Rams from different manufacturers just don't work well together

    Regarding the HardDrive Diagnostics test, or for that matter Memtest boot CD
    If both these when running from bootup, also cause a restart, then it's definitely a hardware issue.

    Many support users do test Power Supplies. I normally don't recommend this
    The best test is with another working Power Supply. Basically testing may look ok, when in fact under load or heat the fault remains

    I'm thinking Ram, as most likely cause though (refer above)
  5. riibanez1964

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    Thanks So much...

    I borrowed my brother's pc with the same specs with mine. First when i turn on my pc i was able to update the bios thru motherboard's cd titled Asus Update. Then i installed my winfast tv tuner, then after an hour my pc turned off. Next step i replaced the PSU and wow my pc doest not turn off from 9am till the next morning. I tried to installed my PSU to my brother's PC just to make sure that the problem is the PSU, it run for about 30 mins, it did not turn off and since i was excited to use my pc, i rather check my psu later.

    Again, i appreciate so much for your ideas. Thanks
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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
    When I say I don't test the Power Supply, in most cases I just throw it away, you may like to test it oneday (in my view it's junk)
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