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By raze
Jul 21, 2005
  1. I am not the smartest computer person out there and i have run into problems with my computer, and i am at a loss.

    It is a Dell (unfortunately...lol) p4 3.06ht, 1 g of ram, radeon 9600 128 mb, xp with sp2, 56g hd.

    it is out of warranty so dell is no help(they think a full restore solves every problem). I am not sure exactly what my problem is. I have done the restore (twice to make sure) so i don't think it a software issue.

    I have video problems. I get 1/2 inch flashing lines across the screen at various times. With some programs on start-up the wall paper shows up in the new window out of place. If i minimize with alt+tab some programs will come back up invisible. I can hear the game running but not see it.

    I also get other odd issues. If i select a file and use ctrl to select others i automatically get copies of the file after i select the 4Th or 5Th one. My D drive suddenly disappeared also.(CD-ROM). Some time the computer just hangs or freeze also. Seems very slow.

    I have run a 2 up-to date virus, and anti-spy ware programs in normal and safe mode.

    Ran the hardware diagnostic that came with the computer they showed no errors

    Found a program call SiSoftware Sandra. Ran benchmarks and compared them to similar products. Seem fine. Ran a burn test/stress test on all the hardware it came up with no errors.

    Manually went through the hardware list to check for up-dated drivers.

    I am at a loss at where to go next.

    Any info or suggestion would be greatly appreciated and Ty for any help in advance.

    Like i said i am not the most computer literate person, so there is no saying that anything i did check was right.
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