PC rebooting with Win XP claiming missing directory ect..2nd Time.. Please Help!

By DumbfoundedUser
Oct 30, 2005
  1. Well here goes.. On Sunday October 2nd between 2-3 pmI was typing in notepad and my computer rebooted itself with no interaction on my part and I got the following message:

    Windows cannot find the following file or directory:

    I'm not sure if that the exact msg because I can't remember, but I know the final directory was CONFIG.

    Today on Sunday, October 30th the same thing happened while playing a game in full screen mode with the SAME error msg as before, again I used another HDD so I'm not sure of the exact name.
    After this happened the first time I tried to reformat the HDD by running a full windows reinstall, it gave me the error msg: Cannot copy OEM files, so I had to use a different HDD, and reformat the other one with an external enclosure before I could use it again.. After this happened the second time I popped in the hdd I used to replace the first one that got screwed and the CONFIG directory was present with some files in it, though I'm not sure if all of them were...
    My question is how the hell could this have happened again, on the same day and around the same time approx 4 weeks later?
    I'm running:
    Winxp sp2 with all the latest updates
    Linksys wired router
    If you need hardware specs please let me know, I really think that someone might have done something to my computer, but then again I don't really know for sure.
    I'm really doubting this is a hardware/OS problem, but I still posted here just in case.. Any answers would be really really appreciated..

    Also in case this happens again, can anyone tell me how to repair the directory through recovery console? Can I back the files to a pen drive and do it that way or do I have to use the CD? Is this even possible to repair with the recovery console? I find it strange that I was unable to format the drive through windows once this had happened..

    *Oh the 2nd time it happened I saw that the original screwed drive had a small partition in the space that usually left unpartitioned by windows, (usually 7-8mb's) Is this strange?
    Thanks in advance for any knowledgeable answers that will hopefully come my way.
  2. DumbfoundedUser

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    Does no one even have a clue as to why this is going on? Please help me
  3. DumbfoundedUser

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  4. DumbfoundedUser

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