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Nov 2, 2007
  1. please help me before i lose my mind completely , i have my pc connected to my tv via an s-video cable and have been able to view movies from my pc on my tv for a while but something has changed and now they play for a couple of minutes and the tv screen then goes a bit funny almost like some type of macrovision effect with the picture splitting and flashing borders , at the same time the picture on the pc monitor is fine , i have an nvidea graphics card and use the clone feature , the pc happily plays dvd's through to the tv but not movie files , can't seem to remember changing anything on the pc at the time of this problem starting , have been through every setting adjustment i can find , not sure if i have explained this problem very well but hopefully it will mean something to someone who has more knowledge than i do

  2. zipperman

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    Try this.

    Just use the TV,not both.You also may have a setting the TV won't
    properly display.Your video card should explain this.
    Probably 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 at best.
  3. SNGX1275

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    No, that isn't going to do it Zipperman. The thing worked in the past exactly as he's doing now, where it doesn't work properly. And it works for a little bit.

    Odd colors and artifacts can be caused by overheating, I'm not sure as to whether it happening on files vs dvds makes sense or not, depends on which one the video card works harder on... Even then I'm not sure it is the cause of your problem. Might blow the card's heatsink/fan out with some canned air anyway.

    Another possiblity is corrupt drivers. It seems like this shouldn't happen, but it does happen. If the blowing out of dust doesn't fix it, I'd do a driver update. Just go to nvidia's site and then in the top left I think is their Drivers link, follow the steps from there to get the latest for your card and OS.
  4. zipperman

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    If the monitor is working properly,it won't cause this on the TV.
    Both will have bad graphics.But,
    Thats why i gave up on TV out and invested in a 22 "
    LCD Monitor.TV out doesn't come close to the display of a PC Monitor.
    But everyone will try it to see.
  5. zipperman

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    I still don't see Windows version.
  6. tipstir

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    Welcome to TechSpot!

    You got to match sure you're using the TV mode on the video card. Make sure that is active and use your PC monitor to make sure of that. Change the the Refresh Hz down to 60Hz and the Res to 800x600 to see if that helps out your problem? Is this a CRT or LCD or Plasma or DLP or Rear Projection TV?
  7. spaglemon

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    thanks for the replies , it's a crt tv and all i used to do was select the clone mode in the nvidea control panel and increase the brightness slightly , i thought i had picked up a virus or something because the pc monitor would occasionly go blank for a split second and this seemed to trigger the problem on the tv , i reformatted my hard drive and have attempted to install the updated driver from the nvidea website however when i run the installer it always stops responding at 54% and i have to shut the program down through task manager , i am in no way an expert but the way the tv screen goes looks like some kind of copy protection to me and the movie plays fine on the pc monitor at the same time so that makes me think that the graphics card and driver must be functioning correctly

  8. zipperman

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    All i can add then is my experience.
    The TV settings have to be set seperatly.You don't use the monitor settings.
    As i said earlier "Just use TV" Most settings of mine where on the remote
    Set your TV for the PC in circuit.Boot to Windows and disable the monitor.Does your mouse appear on the TV ? It should to use the TV for all functions,
    not just movies.Try some games.
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