PC wont boot =(

By ztily
Oct 9, 2006
  1. About a week ago i was vacuuming, and bumped my tower. it shut off immidiatly and stayed off. I finished up vacuuming and went ahead to start it back up. as its booting up, its showed no hard drive so I shut it down figuring things may have been bumped loose. I made sure everything was snug and started it back up. That seemed to fix my issue.....but after a while it shut down as if power was cut. at this point im thinking uhoh!! i waited a few minutes and started it back up. it showed again no hard drive, so i repeated what i had done earlier. seemed to work again, but this time its shutting off sooner into boot up that it did before, getting me to desktop then shutting down. (its sowing no errors ever) this has been continuos, the only thing thats different is now its not having the problem of the HD not showing up, and it shuts down sooner. sometimes it goes as far as windows splash screen, sometimes before that. Ive tried to login to safe mode, shuts down before i get there. Ive read the forums here, done the suggested cleaning; reseating ram one at a time; reseating vid card and sound card. Ive totally unplugged the HD and still the same thing. any advise and or dieas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. cfitzarl

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    Have you made sure the cable is hooked into the motherboard correctly?
  3. ztily

    ztily TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i hadnt thought of that, but just tried. because of it being scsi (sp) its cables are attached to a card sitting in a pci slot. i did pull it out and reseat it securely, as well as check'd the cables.

    I have noticed that the loger it sits turned off, the further it gets into the botting up process once i turn it on..... wondering if its not something to do with the powersupply? or maybe battery? power supply is fairly new, and seems to be acting fine.
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