pc wont start atall,no way into bios

By simonmya
Jun 12, 2006
  1. Hello,i am running a packard bell notebook and yesterday the laptop was woring in perfect order,but then i restarted it after windows told me to restart it after configuriung a usb blootooth dongle thingy,but 2 dys before this happened the laptop accidently dropped leaving me with 2 of 4 usb ports working,but was working all good till i resarted it ,what it does is it wont go past the bot screen,it regognises usb like mouse nd hub,but doesnt go past the screen atall,could it be a virus?beacus i cant get into the bios settings whatsoever,as i say was working fine till i restarted it,

    Any help would b greatly appreciated?
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