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Sep 13, 2006
  1. I have recently purchased a 'XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme PCI-E 512MB DDR3' and only just read that a PCI-E slot is needed..well i have no idea if my motherboard supports this or not.

    I know my motherboard support both PCI and AGPX8 based cards..but is PCI-Express a different slot alltogether?

    here is a pic of my motherboard.. maybe this pic will help
  2. vnf4ultra

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  3. Braunestar

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    Are you serious?

    are you for certain man? because i heard that nvidia made it possible to bridge a PCI-E card to an AGP slot..but if its not possible..its not

    Cheers for help man
  4. JMMD

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    You either need a new motherboard or an AGP video card.

    That means that they took a PCI-e card and manufactured it for AGP, not that the end user can take a PCI-e and slap it into an AGP slot.
  5. Braunestar

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    Ah well..i will exchange it while i can to an AGP based card..cheers for the feedback man :p

    not alot of helpful people out there usually
  6. Shoupie080

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    Hey man I would keep the card and buy a new motherboard....You can get a decent asus board for around 200 bucks. AGP is becomming obsolete in the gaming world so I would keep your pci-e card since its the future

    good luck
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