Perculiar HDMI problem

By Onshell
Mar 17, 2014
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  1. So for some years now I have been connecting my Motorola xoom tablet to my TV via hdma to watch barious programs. A few nights ago I was watching a program, disconnected then reconnected my tablet and got 'no signal' on my TV.

    The tablet recognises that it is connected to the tv (the system bar increases in size when connected) and even knows when I have switched to the correct hdmi channel; the tv however gives me 'no signal' or rarely 'not support' if I switch away then back to the appropriate hdmi channel.

    In an effort to get to te root of the problem I have connected my tablet to another tv which worked fine and I have connected my laptop to the TV with the error and that worked fine!?! So the tablet is cabable of sending a readable hdmi signal and my TV of recieving and interperating one. It seems the problem only seems to appear when these 2 devices are conncted. Also my laptop hdmi is displayed whilst the tablet is plugged into the other hdmi port.

    I am utterly confused, there have been no software updates between when te connection was working an when it stopped, it was maybe a 10 minute period of the tablet being unplugged when the issue has manifested.

    Perhaps one of you out there can crack this case, I however, can not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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