Pixel 4 leaks show no notch but large forehead, new sensors


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Google last month confirmed that the rear of the Pixel 4 would feature a multi-camera setup— two lenses, a ToF sensor, and an LED flash—which sits in a square enclosure, much like this year’s iPhones. Now, prolific leaker Ice Universe (via 9to5Google) has shown off images of the handsets' screen protectors, revealing their front designs.

The large foreheads contain dual selfie cameras, a central speaker, and what’s thought to be either a face recognition or depth sensor—no fingerprint sensor on the back or beneath the display, it seems. There’s also a large cutout on the right that’s suspected to be for the Project Soli sensor, which allows users to perform gesture controls without touching the screen.

Another big-name leaker, @OnLeaks, shared some 3D renders of the phones via iGeeksBlog. It appears that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are identical in virtually every way other than the size. Like their predecessors, neither phone has a 3.5mm jack

Assuming Google sticks with the same announcement period as previous years, we can expect the Pixel 4 line to be unveiled sometime this October.

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I don't mind the "large" forehead, IMO it's better than a notch. If the notch doesn't bother you this shouldn't either. The back looks hideous, their designer has the easiest job ever, literally just copy Apples design and you're good to go. The only problem is that even Apple made their back look pig ****ing ugly so copying it is a stupid idea. You would think these companies with billions of dollars could do the basics right.
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I'm more interested in mocking embarrassingly dumb marketing labels like "forehead". It's just what a normal smart-phone looks like that intelligently placed all the front features (camera, mic, charge LED's, speaker, light sensor, etc) on one slim row out of the way of the screen before the notch was invented as an artificial "solution" to a 'problem' no-one had to which the next year's "solution" was to remove it again...

Can you imagine if monitor / TV manufacturers did that? "Hey, in order to shrink your monitors bezel width by 5mm, we've just gouged out a chunk of your screen that's changed all the resolutions to 1824 x 1080, 2432 x 1440 and 3648 x 2160. Tune in next year when we'll be inventing never before seen 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440 and 3840 x 2160 resolutions and call the gouge removal a 'forehead'!" People would literally point & laugh or perhaps assume there was a mind-altering drug epidemic / gas leak in the designers meeting room, yet modern smartphone design is so dumbed down this cr*p has become normalized for the mobile industry...


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I would rather a bit left at the top for sensors, cameras and speaker than a notch. I'm actually using a pixel 3a and it's enough screen to phone ratio for me, full phones screens mean you can't have a case that is going to properly protect your phone.


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Nah, Pixel 2XL design was the best, with the equally sized bezels and both stereo speakers front facing. They could improve on that by making the bezels smaller, but still keeping them symmetrical.
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Isn’t it amazing how these Android phones have stolen the iPhone 11’s design and they aren’t even released yet?
This Camera design was actually started by Huawei with the Mate 20 Pro. So Apple is Copying Huawei except they made it worse. I guess apple owed them for the notch.


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I would rather a bit left at the top for sensors, cameras and speaker than a notch. I'm actually using a pixel 3a and it's enough screen to phone ratio for me, full phones screens mean you can't have a case that is going to properly protect your phone.
I think you mean the Galaxy phones with screens on the side? my sis-in-law has the 8+ literally the screen protector either fall off (the front and back case protectors for galaxy phones are silly, like a tupperware box for a phone...) or when she accidentally drops the phone and land on the back, the front screen protector breaks because the back case a bit tight and upon impact it touches the screen protector), my iphone xsm has a case with a small lip approx 1mm taller than the screen (hehe no screen on the side of the phone) and a tempered glass protector, I dropped like 5 times (2 times on the stairs) only thing happened once that the case lost some paint (plastic frame outside and rubber case) and I had to replace the screen protector once for £5...(no, no hidden backplate crack inside the case)
So full screen phones are good as long they are not planning to have screen on the side, which basically a bullseye for "I will crack anyway". Not to mention I've seen many Galaxy 7-8-9-10 phones with cracks on the screen originates from the sides...and they rather selling it for cheap than go buy a case, oh wait no you can't buy normal, only tupperware boxes, so they don't buy any and they rather use it with cracked screen than buy a Samsung Care+ where they get a free screen replacement.