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Please help me- I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown- R9550 video problem

By caprig
May 24, 2006
  1. I have had no problems at all with my computer in the year and a half that I have owned it. I have not had to update drivers because I do not use any new software. I do not intend to try to keep up with the joneses because I did that for 12 years as a computer tech and builder.

    However, I was having problems with some clients getting viruses in spite of Norton AV so upon the hearty recommendation of our internet provider, I switched to our free security suite from our internet provider- who provides it for us for free.

    I installed it in the end of March after removing NAV. No problems until about two weeks ago when a bizarre warning happened and outlook express froze. It said that the Administrator would not allow me to use that program.

    Well, I am the administrator and no one else uses the system- it is passworded.

    I began to have trouble with not being able to access a business web site where I have done business for several years. It would not let me access.

    Then my outlook express was getting ridiculous. I called our internet provider who insisted that Windows XP firewall was good enough and urged me to remove the entire suite.

    I did so and just put in the Antivirus (computer associates is the company that did the suite and anitivirus)

    Then I began to have a bizarre problem- whenever I open Outlook Express, my video gets full of extra vertical short lines- it is like looking through a screen door.

    It can continue for up to 6 minutes and then corrects itself.

    This would happen the entire time I had on outlook express, but when I closed it, the problem would correct itself.

    Once I opened OE, it started again.

    I de-installed the video drivers and windows put in an older driver than the one that I had installed. It wasbetter, but the problem still happened from a cold boot when I would open OE. Once it shut off, however, it usually stayed off through the session.

    I have cleaned out my system with everything known to computers, just about and I have scanned for viruses and spyware until there is nothing left at all in my system.

    I have cleaned out caches and temp files until they are wiped out.

    I have defraged and swept my system until I am blue in the face.

    Today I put the later video driver back in the system and it all started over again, the severe video problems etc.

    Now, I have NEVER had a problem like this before and the ONLY new thing that I did was take NAV out and put in the CA security suite with
    Pest PAtrol
    Anti Spam
    EZ Firewall,
    And their AV

    I do not know if a stupid security patch from windows for OE did this or what, but I am at my wits end. I jsut want my computer back, and if I were to reformat, the updates would just take me back here anyway, and quite frankly I do not think it will solve the problem.

    Here are my specs
    OS- XP
    RAM 1.5GB
    Video Radeon 9550 256RAM
    Sound Audigy

    I did not build this system, it is E machines T3256. There is no information from the manufacturer either.

    I am on the verge of losing it completely after working constantly on this for over a week. Can anyone help me? I have built systems and worked on them for years, but I just do not have the time to do much more with this, I just need some insights.

    Thank you. If anyone out there can offer solid help to solve this (without reformatting) I would be forever grateful.
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