Please help! STOP! Error message I cannot work out.

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Nov 9, 2007
  1. Hey there guys,
    Just from reading a few of the threads here I believe someone might know the answer to my question and problems here! I have a new PC (First that I've built) and intermittently it crashes with a BSOD so fast that I cannot read nor take down the information! I know I have the minidumps but cannot read them? Nor can I work out from the microsoft site how to exactly just read the error and search for it?

    Can anyone help me diagnose the problem? Attached are four minidump files in a zip! I guess they will be the same thing?

    Thank you for any help!

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  2. rikardr

    rikardr TS Rookie

    I'm not a techie so can't read the minidump file, but right-click on "My computer" and go to "Properties". Under "Advanced" there is a error handling/restart options. Go into this and you can set the computer to not immediately restart after crash. This will leave the BSOD on your screen so you can take down all information before restarting.
  3. JobyOne

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    Thank you! That's a great help now at least I can take note of the dump and BSOD information! so far though I've fiddled with the bios setttings and removed a few programs.. and no bsod's yet after four days with two restarts.


    but thank you!
  4. hey joby. for future reference, check out this site
    they have every stop error message windows can possibly have, and 99% of the links there have a walkthrough or a way to determine the exact cause and then assist with trouble shooting.

    i bookmarked that and made sure i'd have it on hand just in case. maybe you should too. if you're curious, you can at least examine your stop error right now, even though you're not getting any and maybe you can stop them from coming back permanently now. :D

    i'm starting to think that link i posted should be made into a sticky. "Stop error messages explained" or something. that'd be kinda cool for those in need :3. i think i'll ask howard right now.

    hope i was of some assistance of some kind.
  5. howard_hopkinso

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    Hi link590o.

    I agree that could be very useful.

    If you`d care to start a new thread in our Windows OS forum and link to that excellent page, I`d be more than happy to sticky it.

    Regards Howard :)
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