Power cut was only the start of my problems

By imthedaddy121
Jul 24, 2005
  1. :confused: Sitting compatibly then I’ll beguine.
    About 2 week ago I had a power cut while I was playing a game on my PC, when the
    power came back on my PC kept restarting before Windows XP could load,
    I put my HDD in another PC, it would not load XP until I formatted it and reinstalled
    XP but it would work as a slave. I put it back in the first PC and had to format and
    reinstall again before it would start up. When it finally started up thats when I knew I
    had problems, (the PC ran slower than my great-grandmother who died 30 years ago).
    Audio would stutter and freeze up, I could not play any game’s because of the same
    kind of stutter and freezing, I should have left it like that at least the thing worked.
    Yesterday I bought a new Asus A7V8X-X mother board after noticing that one of the
    dyodes on my old m/b was bulging at the top, I have put the new M/B in with the old
    CPU (AMD Sempron 2600) With 2 old 256mb DDR memory sticks that I had “1
    =DDR 333 2.5 the other not shore what but def 256mb but I have tyred with both
    together and separate” ( It was not in the board at the time of the power cut.
    (Other devices in the PC at time of power cut and in PC now are:-
    My 164gig HDD, MX400 128mb TV graphics card, Cmi8738 5.1 Sound card and a
    Lite-on DVD R-W) I have all ready replaced the power supply (witch is “model
    CWT-300 ATX-X (300W max).
    When I finished rebuilding I started my PC went though bios and set it up it started
    windows and even played audio and DVD’s perfectly.
    When I Started up internet explorer to check for any downloads the PC froze and
    refused to move, I had to cold boot. I started up fine a good few time’s but kept
    freezing, now it wont boot at all when you switch on I her the boot bleep and then
    what I can only describe as A Click but ifs not a bleep, it goes through bios fine and
    gets to where win would boot up and say’s No Emulator the System boot failure.
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