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Power extension cable issue

Oct 27, 2006
  1. Am I posting in wrong forum? I'll try not to make new threads but I've
    been searching for a while now, it's hard to browse the pages and I'm
    in hurry because my comp might die any second!! Do you know any
    Swedish forum similar to techspot? Well, I'm Swedish :eek:

    I still have a AGP system and the day before yesterday the comp didn't start
    because it said I haven't connected the Power extension cable!!! I tried over
    and over again but it was the same. I opened the comp and reconnected all
    cables even if all seemed alright. The comp worked another day...

    Yesterday evening it happened again. This time in Windows XP. The screen
    started to flicker and a warning message said some ATI driver was missing.
    But it was because of the Power extension cable again. I reconnected all
    the cables but the comp still claimed about the Power extension cable
    over and over again. I gaved up and went to bed. Hopeless.

    In the morning (today) I unplugged all extra stuff like sensors and leeds for the
    case and I replaced the cables so there was no other stuff on the same cable.
    Well... then the comp didn't start because the CPU was unworkable!!! "check
    CPU soft menu"... Ok, but I saw nothing wrong in there and PC health looked
    good. But the CPU was still unworkable. Back to the CPU soft menu I saw
    nothing wrong except I knew that I changed it for many months ago because
    I didn't want it to be overclocked. It was set to 204 MHz 3060 GHz before and
    I changed to 200 MHz 3000 GHz. This time I changed back to 204 MHz 3060
    GHz. And the comp worked again! That was weird. And now I'm sitting here
    trying to make a technical post in english... LOL

    The issue is quite unexpected even it have happend once a long time ago.
    Now I'm afraid that my comp will get broken anytime, maybe next time I
    restart it. Please tell if you've had similar problem. What do you think is
    broken? The power supply, the mobo or the AGP card?

    I have no technical data about my computer available but
    there's a list at the bottom of the page in my Xfire profile

    Ok I WILL upgrade soon but then I need a functional comp so I can
    order some new stuff. And of course it's in the end of the week :rolleyes:

  2. JC_SE

    JC_SE TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    might be the monitor

    No replies :/
    Ok... Actually I've had no problem since I changed the settings in BIOS
    and it's very weird. I've still bought a new power supplie, a Hiper 580W.
    I'll install it later I hope it's good ...and quiet enough. The first step in
    the upgrade process :dead:

    Why I couldn't start my comp and why it said the power extension
    cable wasn't connected... Here's what I think, even I'm not a pro.
    Sometimes I switched off my old Nokia monitor while the comp was
    working a long time during defrag, virus scan and more, because I
    thought it will decrease the lifetime and because the screensaver
    didn't always work as it should. I think something happend to the
    BIOS because the monitor wasn't on... ​
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