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about 6 months ago i was gonna buy a power supply for my computer i never ended up buying it this is what i was told.

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Okay, that is exactly what we needed to know. The minimum power on the +12v rail for a 9600gt is 26A. Your psu only supplies 20A; the amount of amperage on the +12v rail is critical. If yours doesn't have enough, it can lead to problems. There are other things that could cause your problems so you can't just say it's probably related to your PSU, unless you're ruled out the other causes. Nevertheless, your current psu isn't supplying what your 9600gt needs.

Also, I am very suspect of your psu. Just because it says it puts out 350 watts doesn't mean it actually does. Do you have budget to get another psu? If so we'll be more than glad to help you find a good reliable upgrade that will fit your needs.

what i want to know is if there is 3 12v rails or whatever like in this one do they add up to meet the requirements?


im gonna use ebay or newegg and want to pay around 50
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