Power went out and now I can't boot, missng NTLDR

By eturnerty
Jul 18, 2010
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  1. I have a problem,I was downloading information on my harddrive and the power went out for a sec.When it came back on my harddrive had crashed and a NTRL cant find file came up. I tried to reboot using my restore disk but that didn't work.
    My brother has the same computer as me.
    So I thought why not clone his harddrive and I'm back in business?
    I then took my harddrive over his house downloaded driveimage XML, formated my harddrive and then started to create a backup harddrive.
    "Problem" I cant completely format my harddrive to creat a backup harddrive that would be my original again.Can some body tell me how or what I need to do?

    Plz help eturnerty
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