Poweredge 1800 problem

By Conjon
Apr 19, 2007
  1. Ok, so today I recieved a Poweredge 1800, with 6 sticks of RAM, a 3Ghz Intel CPU, and 2 hard drives.

    I plug the power lead in and 1 of the fans start up (out of 3), I then press the power button and it boots up, taking a while as it is still a server machine. I install a dynamode PCI lan software on it, and select shut down. It was taking a while to shut down so I did it manually by keeping the button pressed in.

    I now put the card into the right slot and plug the power back in, yet again the fan comes on, but this time when I press the power; nothing. I have tried disconnectiong various things, and reconnecting them, but still nothing. I just get a green light on the front, and a continous flashing light which is either orange or blue (the light changes colour when i press a button named NMI, I don't seem to know why it wont power up fully and boot.

    Can anyone please help?
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