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Primary IDE Slave Not Detected on Windows 7 Ultimate

By Kiko28
Dec 18, 2014
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  1. Hello guys,
    This is my first thread here, and my english is not that good also, so excuse me for any mistakes [​IMG]
    I have my Prestigio PC for a 5 years and there were no problems. But today when I started the PC, a error occured.
    On starting screen(American Megatrends GUI) there was written: "Primary IDE Slave: Not Detected" and after a few seconds my screen went black and "reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media into selected boot device and press a key" message appeared.
    So I thought that I will just need to put my Win 7 CD to the CD-ROM, but then I found out I lost it while we were moving.
    My BIOS is also saying that Primary IDE Slave is not detected
    Is there any way to solve this problem? Is there any way to boot Win from USB?
    Thank you for answers

    Have a nice day![​IMG]
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,546   +430

    Open up the computer, check that the cables are properly 'seated' (pushed in all the way) on the drive and on the motherboard. I know you said it has worked for several years, but for it not to boot with the Primary IDE Slave not connected the only way that makes sense for this to happen is if the optical drive is jumpered to Master and the hard drive itself to Slave. That is a bit unusual. You typically would have your hard drive as Master and the optical as Slave. It doesn't really matter, as evidenced by it working in the past, it just isn't a 'normal' setup.

    If the cables are seated properly (power and data), your drive could have failed.. 5 years is a decent lifespan for a hard drive.

    You can make a bootable USB for Windows 7, although you can't without a working computer.
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  3. Kiko28

    Kiko28 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for answer!
    I opened up the PC, re-seated all those cabels, still nothing. Your theory makes sense, so I just have to make the HDD to be "Master" so boot files will be loaded from there?(Thats what I understood)
    My Primary IDE Master is set to ATAPI CD-ROM (TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-222)
    I use 500GB Maxtor Diamond Max STM3500320AS HDD.
    Also it looks like I dont have SATA disks connected(SATA 1 and SATA 2 Not Detected in BIOS).But as I looked into motherboard now, I saw SATA 1 cable connected to my HDD. SATA 2 port is free.
    Would it help if I just borrow Win 7 disk from my friend, put it into CD-ROM and repair it using official software?
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    It might be that the master IDE controller is failing. The only way to get around this was to use PCI-Bus IDE Controller. Which I've done in the past with systems that had these type of issues. Second option would be to replace the MOBO = motherboard.

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